Mix it Up!
December 20 (Friday) at 6:00 am

Class length
50 minutes
This class can be one or a combination of the below rides: The Endurance Energy Zone ride trains the body to be more efficient at metabolizing fat and to maintain a comfortable pace for extended periods. Because this involves an even application of energy for sustained periods raising your heart rate to 65% -75% of your maximum heart rate, this portion of ride is seated. The Strength Energy Zone ride involves steady, consistent pedaling with heavy resistance. Strength rides promote muscular and cardiovascular development that will enable you to feel like a strong and powerful climber. The heart rate range straddles the region where the body switches from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism (75% to 85% of maximum heart rate), this portion of ride can be seated or standing. The Interval Energy Zone ride emphasizes speed, tempo, timing, and rhythm. Movements may include high RPM (never exceeding 110) pedaling on the flats, acceleration drills, and recovery stretches. Aerobic intervals range from 65% to 80%, and Anaerobic intervals range from 65% to 92% of your maximum heart rate, this portion of ride includes seated and standing positions as well as jumps and sprints.

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